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Please note that ETR will be limiting the number of workshops being offered to customers for the next few months, due to limited resources. Please check our calendar or call for further information.

Page last updated: April 28, 2017, 8:38 am

General Workshops

Ace the Interview - Presents methods and approaches to help participants discover how to successfully present themselves in an interview.

Avoiding the Black Hole - If you're applying to jobs online, learn how to optimize your resume for the computerized Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) that screen all resumes to determine whether hiring managers get to read them. Increase your odds of avoiding the black hole. PREREQUISITE: Must attend Resume Development workshop at ETR, or have your resume reviewed by ETR staff. Bring 3 copies of a job posting you are interested in, and 3 copies of your resume to the class.

Career Center Seminar: An Introduction to ETR Services - An overview of services, resources, and options available at your local career center.

Career Ready 101 - ACT WorkKeys is an assessment that provides Nationally Recognized indicators of work readiness. These assessments are supported by a database with nearly 20,000 job profiles. Participants will take the following assessments: Applied Math, Locating Information and Reading for Information. They will learn how to search jobs by skills to match their scores.

Cover Letters - Reviews various approaches and formats that apply to a range of job search situations and effective letter writing. PREREQUISITE: Please bring a relevant job ad and a rough draft of a cover letter you could use to apply for that job.

Develop Your Self-Marketing Pitch - You will examine a few of your success stories which illustrate your personal strengths, skills and attributes, then construct a self-marketing pitch to showcase your uniqueness. You will then practice your pitch and receive constructive feedback. PREREQUISITE: Participants should have completed a skills assessment inventory and/or examination of accomplishments, traits and strengths prior to attending this workshop in order to receive maximum benefit.

Identity Theft - This workshop is designed to inform you on the importance of protecting your identity, with specific focus on understanding what identity theft is, how it occurs, minimizing the risks of being a victim, and what to do if you become a victim.

Managing Your Job Search - How to organize and start a job search plan

May Day Job Fair - Job Fair / Employer Recruitment. Additional information, including companies attending, can be found on the ETR website at

Money Matters - This workshop will introduce you to managing money, setting goals, selecting the best budgeting style and creating a budget that works. Learn the real cost of credit, common credit card practices, proper use of credit and understanding credit scores.

Networking Works - Focuses on how to locate the jobs that are not advertized and the sources that produce over 70% of all hidden job opportunities.

Résumé Development - Shows how to develop a resume that will best market skills, accomplishments & positive attributes; and writing a powerful objective or summary

RSVP Volunteer Program - If you are a resident of Norfolk County and 55 years of age or older come explore new and exciting volunteer opportunities. PREREQUISITE: Must be a resident of Norfolk County and 55 years of age or older.

SCSEP / Operation ABLE Info - The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) is a federally funded employment and training program for unemployed income-eligible individuals 55 years of age or older who live in Norfolk, Middlesex, Worcester, Suffolk and Essex Counties. The SCSEP provides on-the-job training at non-profit or government agencies where eligible participants work 20 hours per week and receive a stipend of the prevailing minimum wage, currently $10 per hour. These partner Host Agencies provide real world work experience and support your efforts to build skills and confidence on your way to obtaining unsubsidized employment. PREREQUISITE: Customers must be 55 or older, unemployed, a resident of Middlesex, Worcester, Norfolk, Essex, or Suffolk County, low income over the past six months, and determined to find a job.

Skills Assessment - Provides an opportunity for you to examine, identify, and prioritize your skills and abilities.

TORQ Workshop - TORQ (Transferable Occupation Relationship Quotient). This is a hands-on workshop in one of our computer labs. You will find occupations targeted to your experience, and understand the challenges faced by gaps in skills, abilities, and knowledge when changing careers. PREREQUISITE: Must have Internet skills, an active email address, and be registered in JobQuest. Please bring a copy of your resume, or list of jobs, with employment dates.

Using Age to Advantage - Dealing with and overcoming age barriers

Computer Workshops

Computer Practice Lab - Self-paced computer lab for members who want to practice their basic PC, MS Windows, and MS Office skills.

Electronic Résumé - Covers tools needed to prepare an effective electronic resume, develop a key word summary, and converting text to ASCII. PREREQUISITE: Bring your resume on a Flash Drive, done in Microsoft Word . Or you can e-mail it to yourself, done in Microsoft Word, and retrieve it during the workshop. You must have basic Microsoft Word skills (basic keyboarding, cutting, pasting, and save-as functions) to participate in this workshop. Microsoft Word 2007/2010/2013 skills are strongly recommended.

Internet Job Search - Participants use the Internet to search career openings, post their resume and research companies.

Intro to MS Windows - Participants will learn basics of using Windows - how computers organize data, types of windows and window management, making folders and saving files in them, etc. PREREQUISITE: Good mouse skills (clicking, double-clicking, right-clicking, selecting text), familiarity with the keyboard and scrollbars.

MS Access - Introduction - Full day workshop. Will learn basic Access features/functions including Tables, Forms, Queries, and Reports. PREREQUISITE: Experience with Microsoft Word and Excel, familiar with the keyboard, scrollbars, know how to open and close, click, double click, right click and select.

MS Excel Level 1 - An overview of spreadsheet program features including entering and editing data, formatting data, saving and printing workbooks, entering formulas and functions, inserting/deleting columns and rows. PREREQUISITE: Basic computer and MS Windows experience, good mouse skills (clicking, double-clicking, right-clicking, selecting text), familiarity with the keyboard, scrollbars, opening and closing documents and applications, familiarity with MS Word (any version).

MS Outlook - An Introduction - Overview of Outlook's major features, learn how to exchange e-mail messages, keep track of meetings, appts., store/pdate contact's info, manage to do lists, etc. PREREQUISITE: Must be experienced with using a computer mouse, be able to click, double click, right-click and select, knowledge of opening and closing programs and using scroll bars a must.

MS PowerPoint Level 1 - An overview of the fundamentals required for creating and modifying basic slide presentations. Includes how to navigate through a basic presentation, create, edit, format, view, save, print and review slide presentations. PREREQUISITE: Basic computer and Windows experience; Good Mouse skills (clicking, double-clicking, right-clicking, and selecting text) , familiarity with the Keyboard, and some knowledge of Microsoft Word (any version).

MS Word Level 1 - An overview of basic word processing including entering, editing and formatting text, proofreading documents, setting them up for printing, saving them, etc. PREREQUISITE: Basic computer and MS Windows experience, good mouse skills (clicking, double-clicking, right-clicking and selecting text), familiarity with the keyboard, scrollbars, opening and closing documents and applications.