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Why Do Labor Market Research?

Labor Market Research is the process of gathering, sorting and using information to assist in the identification of potential job or career opportunities. Armed with this information you gain momentum and become more empowered and confident while conducting your search, and exploring the hidden job market.

The web sites listed below are the basis for conducting secondary research. This information gathering stage serves to inform, educate, explore and identify potential employment opportunities. Once an information foundation is in place you are ready for primary research where you meet with contacts for informational interviews and networking.

These activities have enabled you to strengthen, narrow and define your job target in order to proceed with an effective job search.


Industry Career Research Sites

Economic Data - Department of Labor and Workforce Development
The Riley Guide
America's Career Infonet
Occupational Outlook Handbook
High End Professional Career Site ($)
Database of 50,000 High Tech. Companies ($)
Hoovers Directory of Companies ($)
Wet Feet.Com
Corporate Annual Reports (Wall Street Journal)


Salary/Compensation Research

JobStar Salary Surveys
Career Journal (Wall Street Journal)
Bureau of Labor Statistics


TIP: Another approach is to research companies at investment-related sites, which includes most search engine sites (e.g.,Yahoo, Netscape, Excite, Lycos), online trade sites (e.g., Ameritrade, e-Trade), stock exchanges (e.g., NYSE and NASDAQ) and the Wall Street Journal (