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ETR now has a LinkedIn group: the ETRCC Networking Group!

The ETRCC Networking Group will provide an opportunity for customers, staff, and anyone else associated with ETR to expand your contacts and exchange information.

If you're unfamiliar with LinkedIn, it's a site where people build and manage professional relationships, which can be used in job search as well as in general career management. A key benefit for ETR customers is the ability to find contacts within target companies. Through our group, you can increase the number of people you can meet and connect with, and thus increase your "reach" into more companies.

As we move forward, we hope the group will also be a place where we can post career center information (e.g., job fairs, job leads), news articles, career advice, and engage people in discussions on career/job search-related topics.

Instructions to find (and join) the group:

If you are currently a LinkedIn member, you can go directly to the ETRCC Networking Group page on LinkedIn and click on Join Group.

Or follow these instructions to find (and join) the group

From your LinkedIn home page you can search for groups by following these steps:

  1. Near the top of your screen, look for a box with the phrase "Search People"

  2. Using the arrow to the right of the box, open the dropdown menu and find the phrase "Search Groups" and highlight that

  3. Type the letters "ETRCC" in the box immediately to the right of the "Search Groups" box

  4. Click on the blue "Search" button

  5. A new screen will open up that says ETRCC Networking Group in blue (that's a live link). Click on that link

  6. Another new screen will open up, with a box that says "Join Group" – click on that, and you will be notified that your membership is pending approval

  7. You will receive notification within 24 hours that your membership has been approved

If you are not already a LinkedIn member, instructions to join are clearly identified on the LinkedIn Home Page.