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Where are you located?

We have two full service career centers.

To find directions, visit our home page and select your center in the right column.

What are your hours?

Click here for all office hours.

How do I become a member?

To become a member, please stop by one of the career centers to complete a registration form. There is no charge for membership. We suggest that you attend the Career Center Seminar (Introduction to ETR Services) where you will receive a tour of the center, learn about the services available to you and have the opportunity to sign up for any workshops or seminars in which you may be interested.

What are the Job Search services?

ETR is a career center that can assist you with your job search in a variety of ways. We assist you in developing an employment plan, advice on career planning, job search technique workshops and exploring training options. We also provide such tools as computers with Internet access, phones, fax machines, copiers, newspapers and business journals. To learn more about these services, we ask that you attend one of our Introduction to ETR Services workshops or visit the information provided under the career services.

I am interested in training. What are my options?

During our Career Center Seminar (Introduction to ETR Services), the options for exploring training will be provided. Our resource room also includes information regarding colleges and training programs as well as financial aid resources and on-line guides.

Can you help me develop or improve my resume?

We have an extensive library of materials on developing a resume in our Resource Room and we offer workshops on resume writing at all three centers.

How do I file for unemployment?

You can file a claim for Unemployment Insurance (UI) either online at UI Online, or by calling the Division of Unemployment Assistance Call Center.  Non-English speaking customers can access multi-lingual services by calling 888.822.3422.

Are your career centers handicap accessible?

All three of the career centers are fully accessible to the handicapped, including access to elevators where necessary, computers, specialized software, phones, workshop facilities, parking and restrooms. Please visit our Disability Services page for additional information.

Are your services confidential?

Any services or resources that you utilize at our centers are confidential. The information that may be asked of you during the registration or individual assessment process is gathered only to assist us in guiding you through the re-employment process. Our procedures are designed to protect all employers and job seeker information.

Are their services available for non-English speaking clients?

Our services and workshops are offered in English only. However, non-English speaking job seekers are welcome to bring an interpreter with them to any session.