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Career Guidance is available to help individuals identify resources, develop strategies related to job search, resume and cover letter preparation, and interviewing, as well as assisting job seekers with placement assistance.

Career Resource Library – Resource Room staff are available to provide customers with information and assistance. The Resource Room houses a large collection of print materials including books, periodicals, and directories. Internet access is also available, providing accurate and up-to-date, local, regional, and national industry and employment trends, job opening, and areas of occupational growth, job skill requirements, and wage rates. Information regarding education and training opportunities is also available.

Job Referral/Placement – ETR can assist you in finding a job. Our representatives work closely with local area companies and can refer you to job openings appropriate for you. Please contact your local ETR office for more information, or check out our online job bank.

Computer Learning Labs – There are Computer Learning Labs at both our Framingham and Norwood career centers. Basic computer and Internet introductory workshops are conducted at all three sites. Please contact the Framingham or Norwood ETR centers for more information.

Unemployment Insurance Claims

E-Mail Access – Resource Room staff will assist you in accessing a free e-mail account.

Internet Access is available to assist you in exploring labor market information, employment opportunities, posting your resume on-line, and researching education and training opportunities.

Resume Assistance – Review our extensive collection of resume materials in our Resource Rooms, or attend a resume development or resume review workshop.

Skills Assessment – Attend a skills assessment workshop to help you identify and prioritize your skills and abilities, or use the ETR Resource Room for computerized assessment tools.

Education/Training Opportunities – ETR has compiled extensive information on education and training opportunities including information on training vendors, financial aid, resources, grant availability, distance/on-line learning, and consumer tools to evaluate possible training options.

Browse the Job Bank – Browse ETR’s job bank, which is updated every week day.

Programs for Job Seekers: